LED, OLED & QLED Rentals

Panoramix can offer LED, OLED and QLED rentals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The longer you rent from us the cheaper it becomes.

We have different size screens both in HD ready and full HD formats to suite your needs and are able to provide you with floor or desktop stands and even wall mounts.

Projector screens Rentals

Choosing the correct projector screen and projector is very important for an event as ambient light, the size of the screen projecting on and distance of projector to the screen whether front or rear projection, short throw or ultra-short throw. Just like projectors our screens come in 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 or cutomised aspect ratios, we have portable or tripod screens for events of up to 50 people, while our fast fold screens which are for much larger and take some time assembling for larger events.

Projector Rentals

Our range of LCD entry level and high end projectors cater for the smallest to largest events or exhibitions. We are able to project in 16:9 or 16:10 (widescreen) and 4:3 aspect ratios and can provide you with any bright projector ranging from 2000 – 25000ANS lumens and even beyond this. We can also supply Full HD or even 4K projectors, for those with slightly larger budgets 8K projectors are also slowly becoming a reality.

Video Wall Rentals

Our seamless Video Walls are available in various formations, as indicated below. We have daily, weekly and monthly pricing available. Your vide wall can be wall mounted, suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a floor stands. So make use of our video wall for your next event and impress your audience.

Touch Screen Rentals

Interactive presentations are becoming more and more advanced and allow the user an experience beyond believe. Touch screens come in a variety of sizes and can be mounted in portrait or landscape formats. We have touch screens for all industries namely exhibition, point of sales, digital signage, military engineering automation and mining.

Whiteboard Rentals

Our range of magnetic and non-magnetic whiteboards, which can be used in training room, schools, conference venues and boardrooms and which can be supplied with accessories such as markers, erasers, flipchart paper, are still in high demand. We are able to supply you with whiteboards on stands that can be wheeled from one room to another.

PA Systems Rentals

When it comes to presenting or addressing a large group of people, it is imperative that your sound is of a high quality in order to get your message across and hold the attention of your audience, no matter how dynamic a speaker you are, without good quality sound, your message will be lost. We have only the best microphones, mixers, speakers and amplifiers to offer.

Computer & Laptop Rentals

Need a laptop, computer or tablet with a screen for a day or more, we can supply this and even able to set up your network of computers / laptops which could be used for training purposes, gaming, capturing of data etc. our computers come with the latest software and include keyboards and mouses.